Have you considered these throughout your interpersonal interactions?

Sometimes I have to point out some of the “obvious” ways that body language affects your everyday interactions, so I figured I'll give you a list of some major areas that nonverbal communication impacts your interactions.

  1. Presence

Body language, like any communication, is a two-way street. You may be excited…

A popular take in body language: crossed arms = closed off or standoffish. But is that always the case?

Usually in my networking experience, once people discover what my occupation is they will either 1.) get very conscious and possibly awkward OR 2.) get excited and interested and ask as many questions as they can. One of the most common questions I hear is “What does it mean when…

The Foundation of Body Language

The 5 C’s of Body Language

Everyone seems to know how to read people but in order to really (fairly) get a read on someone, you might want to consider the 5 C’s of Body Langauge. …

Online Profiles & First Impressions — The Real Dolly Parton Challenge

If you’ve seen the four squared posts or maybe even participated yourself, you know people have been taking a stab at what their “ideal” profile picture would be based on the platform. This concept was interesting to me and…

José Piña

Certified Body Language Specialist & Published Researcher | Communication Skills Offline & Online | Content Creator & Consultant. bit.ly/JosePinaYNAS

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